Ever Faithful Ministry Website BannerYouth @ UPBC 
 6th – 12th Grade
Will Be Back in the Fall
Middle School Youth Group:
Wednesdays from 7:00-9:00pm (prayer and Open Gym @ 6:00pm) 
Will Be Back in the Fall
High School Youth Group:
Sundays from 7:00-9:00pm (prayer and Open Gym @ 6:30pm) 
Sunday Mornings – 9:30am
Join in with the rest of the church family for Sunday School!
All Church Service at 11:00am
Youth Leaders:
Zach Bascuti
Kris Coon
Jenny Nieuwendorp
Nancy Wallberg
Robby Rudolph
Church Summer Camp Beach Website Banner
Beach Day 
Sat. Aug. 4 
@ Seaside 
Hike #2 
Wed. Aug. 8 
S’mores Night 
Sat. Aug. 11, 7pm 
@ the Nieuwendorp’s 
Wed. Aug. 15 
Final S’mores Night 
Sat. Aug. 25, 7pm 
@ the Nieuwendorp’s