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University Park is eager to provide links to our weekly sermons. You can browse the selection below to keep up with the teaching ministry. We also provide CD recordings of the messages in the church foyer.

May 2015

The Mission and Obedience of the Servant

Isaiah 49-52

Refined for God’s Glory

Isaiah 46-48

April 2015

There Is No Other God

Isaiah 44-46

The Only Savior

Isaiah 43

March 2015

The God of Comfort and Condemnation

Isaiah 40-42

Little Choices, Big Consequences

Isaiah 40-42

THE Sovereign King Acts – Part II

Acts 36-37

THE Sovereign King Acts – Part I

Acts 36-37

Blessedness of the King Following Destruction

Isaiah 28-35

February 2015

The King Who Breaks Entangling Alliances

Isaiah 7-12

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